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Special : Anniversary Collection

The 12 songs from KARENT
"Hatsune Miku Anniversary projects" will be released
in a SONOCA Music Download Card for Smartphone!

  • Price: 1,620yen (tax included)

  • Specification: Plastic card+SONOCA package

  • On sale at Magical Mirai 2015 official store, etc!

SONOCA is a music download card for smartphone that you can use to download music on your device. By using the music player included in the SONOCA Application, you can of course listen to the downloaded SONOCA songs, but also to the other music titles you own.

SONOCA official website



clover / colate clover
Ne Gi Ra U Yo! / U-ji aka RaychoruiP Ne Gi Ra U Yo!
U-ji aka RaychoruiP
garnet / narry garnet